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Paper Trading SRL has a Perfect logistics process planning and scheduling, reduce expenses and enhances better customer service. Therefore we coordinate all logistic activities within the company starting from production planning, over the entire logistical chain until releasing the containers to the customer. Both the flow of the goods and the flow of information are managed by our employees with great accuracy. In collaboration with transportation providers, we are discovering the most competent delivery method and choosing the most effective routes for transportation. Being in control of the whole logistics we are able to offer the most favourable price for our Paper Products and highest customer satisfaction in documentation and communication.


There is always a way – we offer logistical solutions beyond the ordinary.

  • combined loads of 2 or more products
  • packing in Cartons, boxes or on pallets
  • turnover and stocking possibilities close to the ports
  • transportation by truck, train, and barge
  • sea transportation of 20ft and 40ft containers
  • customs clearance

Wholesale A4 copy papers